soCash | Cash around every corner
soCash is the free, easy to use app that lets you withdraw money from your nearest retail shop or minimart. Gain access to hundreds of extra "ATMs" when you need it!
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Our mission is to solve cash logistics for banks

The fintech answer for your cash distribution question

soCash makes cash social and peer to peer. We convert every shop into a scalable cash distribution network, digitally. Our platform combines the power of the shared economy and digital payments to make cash circulation uber efficient.This means that cash circulates efficiently without clogging up your branch network

Managing cash machines is expensive

Your customers demand instant access to their cash, but growing your Automated Teller Machine network means more costs and less liquidity for the bank. soCash helps you to enable access to cash digitally beyond ATMs and brings the bank nearer to the customer.

Growing with Shared Economy

Our proprietary soCash system is integrated with your bank’s mobile app and pairs the customer’s request with the nearest cashpoints. The platform is available via our easy to integrate API stack.Your customer can safely access their cash whenever and wherever they need it without the need to hunt for an ATM. You won’t have additional compliance headaches since each exchange of cash is backed by digital transfer of money between bank accounts.


We partner with retail outlets to grow bank networks to provide consumers convenient and reliable access to their own cash.

Cash Withdrawal


70% off cash management.
Grow your cash distribution network digitally.


We provide retailers a marketing platform to attract traffic, save time and money by handling digital deposits of their in-store cash with their bank.

Retailer Deposit


Make automatic cash deposits.

Every cash withdrawal flows to you designated bank account.


Cash Collection


Easy cash deposits.

Getting your cash into the bank is now easier than hailing a cab



Bank Partners

Awards and Recognition

soCash is the first ever fintech startup to receive backing from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). We offer a comprehensive, convenient and cost effective solution to a universal pain point: convenient access to cash.