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How do I redeem a promo code in the app?

How do I redeem a promo code in the app?
Click “Menu” then “Promo Code”
Can you enter the sign-up code?
Enter cash amount and shop
How much cash do you want?
Where do you want to withdraw cash?
Select payment option
Do you have DBS/POSB iBanking or ICBC App?
Scan QR code to collect cash
Can you spot the cashier at the shop?


Terms & Conditions

  • Validation of your mobile number via one time password (OTP) is essential to redeem promo codes.
  • Promo codes are limited in quantity and have preset validity period.
  • Having a promo code does not entitle you to the Rewards/ Deals unless validated by the app.
  • The Rewards linked to a signup promo will be forfeited if it is not entered during sign up.
  • Validity
    1. Sign-up promo codes are valid for 7 days from the date of sign up.
    2. Other promo codes are valid until the expiry date stated in the message.
  • Sequence of redemption
    1. Welcome bonus will be auto redeemed on your 2nd transactions.
    2. All other rewards will be redeemed in the sequence it was activated.
    3. Example : Signup promo of $6
      • Get $3 on signup and redeem it on 2nd transaction.
      • Get another $3 on your 4th transaction.
  • Promo codes are applicable for select users who may receive the notification from time to time.
  • Rewards will be added into your balance after your first transaction subject to OTP verification.
  • You are only allowed to redeem one Reward at a time.
  • If an existing SOCASH user signs up again using the promo code, they will not be eligible to redeem.
  • The platform disqualifies suspected misuse, impersonation, fictitious profiles.

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