Want unlimited Rewards? Just SOCASH and let it rain Rewards.

Want unlimited Rewards?

Just SOCASH and let it rain Rewards.

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What are Rewards?

Users receive incentives for withdrawing cash with SOCASH. A Reward could be in the form of cash savings or Deals from brands like Grab, Zilingo, or Sephora.


How do I earn Rewards?


How do I earn Rewards?

Enter cash amount & shop location
Choose Deal on the Confirmation Page
Scan QR code to withdraw cash, earn points, and redeem Rewards


Enjoy Deals from brands like Grab, Agoda, Foodpanda, Lazada, and more!

Our new Rewards program aims to make the program more fun and interesting. Not only do you earn points, there are Deals and Cashback waiting to be redeemed.


Tips on how to earn points faster!

Tips on how to earn points faster!

  1. The Rewards Program is intended to make SOCASH fun and convenient
    1. 1st qualifying transaction of the week gets 10 points (worth $0.50)
    2. 2nd qualifying transaction of the week gets 10 points (worth $0.50)
    3. 3rd qualifying transaction of the week gets 10 points and unlocks $1.00 Cashback
    4. 4th successful transaction $1.00 can be redeemed. Redemption can be done anytime within 1 month of the date of the 3rd qualifying transaction
  2. 3 trxns on different days of the week guarantees a $1 cashback
  3. The rewards reset every 7 days from the date and time of 1st qualifying transaction
  4. Qualifying transactions
    1. Minimum $30
    2. 1st transaction of the day
  5. Week is defined as the 7 days period from the date and time of 1st qualifying transaction
  6. While more than 3 transactions are permissible, they will not qualify towards any additional points and rewards if done within the same week
  7. Valid for the first 65,000 eligible customers until 30 Jan 2020. However SOCASH reserves the right to amend or cancel the New Rewards Program at any time
  8. All other T&C on our Rewards Program apply


Bag exclusive offers for your shopping spree. Need some retail therapy? Stay away from ATMs. Just SOCASH & you will earn shopping discounts!


As counter-intuitive it may sound, the algorithm does not have a fixed logic. The platform actively looks for misuse and loves to find the few trying to take it all. But it won’t work. It pays to be loving and caring to the community. It’s complicated, but the goal is to make it work for all! Should you have any feedback, please email us at help[at]socash.sg.

Terms & Conditions

  • SOCASH’s Rewards program for cash withdrawal is a point based program and is designed to match the typical average ATM withdrawal patterns in the country of different customer segment.
  • The Rewards program is activated only after a user withdraws cash for the first time using SOCASH.
  • Rewards (& any incentives) are not guaranteed with every transaction. Only the first transaction of a user in a day will qualify for bonus cashback (if any).
  • Rewards, discounts or coupons is not an entitlement. It is a discretionary incentive and the management reserves the right to allocate or withdraw such privileges fully or selectively and decide the mode of credit wherever applicable.
  • Reward points will only be valid for 30 days. If they are not redeemed within 30 days, the earnings will expire.
  • Bonus Rewards are valid for 7 days once made available.
  • Rewards earned will automatically be deducted from your debit amount with your next transaction. For example:
    • You’ve earned $5 equivalent of points and is available in your app.
    • You withdraw $50 in your next SOCASH transaction.
    • You receive $50 at the shop, but only $45 will be deducted from your bank account.
  • You must withdraw an amount that is higher than the Rewards earned. For example, if you’ve earned a total of $5, you would need to withdraw at least $10 for the redemption to work.
  • The order in which you redeem will be the same order as you earn.
  • You can earn multiple Rewards for the same transaction as per the prevailing promotion(s), but they can only be redeemed one transaction at a time. For example:
    • You've earned $5 from a SOCASH promotion and referred two friends ($3 x 2 friends = $6). In total, you have earned $11.
    • During your transaction, you can redeem $5. Over the next two successful transactions, you can redeem $3 each time ($5 + $3 + $3 = $11). You cannot redeem all of your Rewards in one withdrawal.

Click here for the full terms and conditions.