Want a $3 referral reward? Invite your friends to try SOCASH today.

Want a $3 referral Reward?

Invite your friends to try SOCASH today.

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Rewards > Invite Friends

How do I invite friends to SOCASH?

Earn $3 for every successful friend referral. We’ll give your friends $1 to signup.
With our referral program, there’s no limit to how much you can earn.


Invite friend to SOCASH

1. Select "Invite Friends".

Invite friend to SOCASH

2. Click "Share" or copy your unique referral code.

Invite friend to SOCASH

3. Share your referral code with friends.

Terms & Conditions

  • $1 will be added into your Rewards balance.
  • You are only allowed to redeem one Reward at a time.
    • For example, if you have successfully referred 2 friends, you are eligible for $6 in Rewards, but can only redeem $3 at a time.
  • Referral will only be successful if your friend signs up via your unique referral code. Once your friend has made their first withdrawal, Rewards will be credited instantly into your account.
    • For example, if A refers B, once B does a withdrawal, A will receive the Rewards instantly.
  • A referral is recognised by system only if the referee enters the referral code during signup. Clicking the link does not guarantee a referral Reward.
  • Your friends must not have installed SOCASH app on any of their devices before.
  • If a pre-existing SOCASH user signs up again using your referral code or the link, you will not be eligible for the promotion.
  • The platform actively detects potential misuse, impersonation, fictitious profiles with the aim of earning Rewards and automatically disqualifies them.

Click here for the full terms and conditions.