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Welcome to SOCASH Rewards.

Get ready for surprises all year round. Our loyalty program adds more fun to your daily routine. Get more value out of every dollar you withdraw — wherever in your neighbourhood.
When you’re using SOCASH, you can earn your way to great stuff from us including cashback rewards and vouchers!


All you need to do is to skip the ATM.
Get rewards daily just by using SOCASH.

So tell us, what did an ATM ever offer you?

How do I earn Rewards?

How to withdraw cash & earn cashback?


Select one of the following payment methods:
  • DBS/ POSB Bank > Scan & Pay
  • ICBC
  • OCBC Pay Anyone
  • Enter cash amount (min $30) & select a SOCASH Partner shop.
    Scan the QR code at the shop to withdraw cash and receive your cashback!


    Terms & Conditions

    1. Our promotions, rewards, and cashback are only applicable for users who withdraw cash using DBS/POSB Scan & Pay, ICBC, and OCBC PayAnyone mobile banking Apps using our platform for genuine small value cash needs for typical economic consumption needs. In other words, Atypical transactions or users generating these transactions may be excluded to qualify for our promotions.
    2. Earn bonus reward up to $0.30 when you transact at selected partner shops supporting the mentioned payment options.
    3. The Bonus Cashback issued per day is limited and is valid for 30 days.
    4. The Bonus Cashback on the first redemption will be awarded once, per day per user.
    5. Qualifying transactions: For earning rewards or cashback, the minimum withdrawal amount is $30 unless otherwise stated in the promotions. Only the first cash withdrawal transaction of a user in a day will be eligible for promotions, subject to total cash withdrawal in a calendar month not exceeding $1000. The thresholds/limits may be modified from time to time.
    6. The “Bonus Cashback” Rewards Program is valid till 30 September 2021.
    7. SOCASH reserves the right to amend or cancel the New Rewards Program at any time.
    8. Total Cashback earnings are limited up to $30 per user in a calendar month.
    9. Cashback/Rewards/Promotions are awarded to unique SOCASH users who fulfill the specific criteria. Unique SOCASH users are defined as:
      • Users who registered with a valid and contactable email address, mobile number and completed the eKYC profile verification.
      • Strictly one profile and one registered mobile banking.
      • Should not use jailbroken, rooted, or shared phones.
    10. Our platform actively monitors usage to prevent malicious transactions against typical cash usage patterns of ATM / the SOCASH community. Promotions will not be applicable for transactions or users who use them in a manner that does not fit the intended purpose of enabling micro-transactions at neighbourhood shops.

    Click here for the full terms and conditions.