Become a soCash cash point

Do you wish your shop also had an ATM?

It is proven that shops with ATMs attract more customers and generate higher sales. With soCash, you too can afford to have a virtual ATM. Leverage your existing cash in your shop to allow withdrawals from retail customers. Attract higher footfalls just like large retail chains. Provide your customers with the convenience of withdrawing their bank funds via your shop. No need for  to ask your bank for an expensive ATM machine, all it takes is a smartphone.

Do you dread queuing up to deposit your daily cash sales into the bank?

When customers withdraw cash at your shop, soCash app automatically credits your bank account with the equivalent amounts within hours.Now you get paid for making deposits and it saves your time too. You also get the flexibility in managing cash flows.Forget the hassle of queuing up and welcome productivity.

Do you represent a trade association, retailer group or group of independent consultants?

soCash has affiliate relationships to help grow the retailer network. Complete the form and get in touch with our sales team today.

Help your small business and enquire about setting up a retailer account with soCash today!

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