Refer a Friend – Terms & Conditions

Simply share your invitation link from the soCash app (under “Get FREE $3 / Refer a friend”) with your friends! Once they sign up and make their first cash withdrawal, you will get $3 in FreeCash.

Terms & Conditions

  • $3 will be added into your FreeCash balance.
  • You are only allowed to redeem one FreeCash at a time, as per the mechanics set by FreeCash.
    • For example, if you have successfully referred 2 friends, you are eligible for $6 in FreeCash, but can only redeem $3 at a time.
  • Referral will only be successful if your friend downloads soCash by clicking and signing up via the referral link and has made the first withdrawal.
  • FreeCash will be awarded to the person who referred their friend and will be credited in 3 working days.
    • For example, if A refers B, once B does a withdrawal, A will receive the FreeCash in 3 working days.
  • Your friends must not have installed soCash app on any of their devices before.

Click here for the full terms and condition.