Best way to enable access to cash

Is your ATM network locking up precious liquidity?

While professing the intent to go digital, banks continue to run expensive ATMs and pay for inefficient supply chain of cash, which locks up a significant amount of their liquidity as cash sitting in ATMs overnight. Now with soCash, build a lean distribution that is truly digitally scalable, connects with your digital base and  and frees up significant liquidity. After all, why should bank bear the costs of running an inefficient and expensive supply chain?

Are you faced with rising costs of cash management?

Customers demand cash , they never ask for ATMs. With soCash, you enable access to cash beyond ATMs . Holding excess cash in ATMs accounts for up to 33% of a bank’s cash handling costs. soCash allows you to optimise the idle cash and reduce operating expenses.

Do you fear having inadequate cash on hand for your customer needs?

A significant chunk of cash  remains in the ATMs and Branch network given the need to meet unexpected demand for liquidity, both from retail as well as businesses. soCash allows banks a way to improve forecasting by having a leaner cash supply chain for cash circulation.

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