A smarter cash management solution

Isn’t cash logistics painfully expensive?

With over 85% of retail sales transacted in cash, you just can’t ignore cash. High costs of cash logistics as well as fees charged banks for depositing the cash affects your bottom-line directly and reduces your flexibility in managing your cashflows. soCash offers the smartest solution with its digital on-demand platform and reduces your costs up to 70%.

Are your sales staff spending hours in queuing up at the bank?

Small businesses and retail chains often rely on their staff to deposit the cash. Besides the risks involved in cash transport, hours of productivity are lost in queueing up at the bank branch. But with our new product, we make cash deposits as easy as hailing a cab. Now your staff can focus on boosting the sales rather than queuing up at branches.

Aren’t you tired of negotiating one sided contracts?

Cash logistics providers often operate as price cartels in most markets resulting in discomfort for retail chains as they end up paying a higher price. After all, getting the cash into the bank is a necessity that cannot be avoided. Tired of painful negotiations? Switch to soCash deposits instead. We charge you on pay-as-per use basis which makes it uber efficient and fair.

How does soCash platform solve this?

soCash deposits is the digital alternative to traditional cash logistics companies. Our smartphone app empowers  your business to request cash collection on-demand. The platform crowd sources individuals on our network who will come to your business addresses and collect cash. Your funds are guaranteed and the  platform credits the funds to your  business accounts within minutes.

What are the risks involved?

soCash deposits eliminate the risk by avoiding concentration and transport of cash.Your funds are guaranteed once they are picked up and we notify you at every step. The cash is safely credited to your bank account within minutes. We guarantee 100% safety and any residual risk is covered for.

soCash provides you the fastest method of cash deposit. Send us a request through our app and our agents will be on their way to collect your cash.

Reach out to us today to find out how soCash can help your bank’s cash management.

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