How can we help you?

How can we help you?

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Withdrawal Matters

This may occur if;
  1. A user searches for your shop after operating hours
  2. If your available balance is depleted
  3. Your SOCASH device is switched off
  4. The battery in your SOCASH device has run out
Please update our customer service and the changes will reflect in 1 working day.

Transactions may be cancelled systematically due to poor connectivity. Please do not give cash to a user because we will refund them within 24 hours.

If the user has cancelled their transaction, a refund request can be made from the user app. Ask the user to call our Help Center at  +65 9188 7868.


Technical Matters

To update the SOCASH Cashpoint app, follow these steps:
  1. Click on App Store 
  2. In the SOCASH Cashpoint app, click the Update button

To enable auto updates, click the user icon  at the top right corner of your screen, then turn on Auto Update.

Occasionally, you may face intermittent issues while printing the receipt. Do not be alarmed, just check your device under Completed Transactions to confirm if the transaction is successful before giving cash to the user.

If the transaction is not reflected under History, do not give cash to the user. Instead, ask the user to contact customer service at +65 9188 7868 for assistance.

Try to reboot the device and make sure the charging cable is properly intact. If that does not work, please call customer service at +65 9188 7868.


Account Matters

SOCASH sends emails about transaction receipts, daily reports, and monthly reports. If you have not received these, you may have unsubscribed from our email communication. Please contact us at +65 9188 7868 to opt into our mailing list.

Please call us at  +65 9188 7868 and our support specialists will assist you.



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