1. What is soCash?

    SOCASH is your digital ATM. It is the smarter and more convenient choice than queuing up at an ATM. Our mobile app you to withdraw cash from any participating shops in your neighborhood. With soCash, cash is just around the corner. For more details, please visit www.socash.io or https://youtu.be/QkVZHLSwrwo. If there is a technical problem that you need help with, contact us via:

    • Email: help@socash.sg (24 hrs)
    • Phone: +65-31639390 (8.00 am to 8.00 pm)
    • WhatsApp: +65-91887868 (9.00 am to 9.00 pm)
  2. How does soCash work?

    To get started right away, download and signup on soCash app from google play or Apple store. Order the cash that you need and our app will list down the nearest cashpoints in your vicinity. Once you place your order and confirm the debit of the funds, you can procced to the selected cashpoint and collect your cash.

    1. How do I download soCash app?
      The app is available in Google Play and Apple store. Search for ‘SOCASH’ and follow the instructions. Once downloaded, follow the below steps:

      • Choose the Signup tab, setup your user id and password
      • Key in the requested details.
      • soCash will verify your mobile number using a one-time SMS password
      • Enjoy safer and more convenient cash withdrawal
    2. How do I withdraw Cash from my bank account?
      The process happens in 3 steps and is similar to buying an item from an e-commerce site and collecting it. It’s just that you are collecting cash instead of buying goods and services.

      • Order Cash – Select the amount, choose your preferred cashpoint and select ‘GET CASH’.
      • Make the payment – Select your bank and follow the instructions to make payment digitally.
      • Collect Cash – Proceed to the cashpoint and scan the QR code and count the cash collected.
      • You will receive an email transaction receipt on completion of the transaction.
    3. How is money deducted from my bank account?
      The money is deducted from your bank only after you authorize the payment. soCash app is connected to directly bank platforms via secure API’s that enabled instant digital payments. When the bank prompts you to provide authorization to make the payment, you need to put your credentials (User ID, Password, PIN, One-time password).
  3. I have a problem, what do I do?

    1. I am unable to make a payment
      There could be intermittent failures specially around mid-night and early mornings when banks run their system maintenance processes. Usually trying after 10-15 mins ensures that the transactions work. Our payment options are managed by the banks participating in the network. If you are unable to complete payment, the best way to resolve it would be to reach out to the bank’s dedicated helpdesk. You could give us a heads up at help@socash.sg.
    2. I could not get the cash because the shop was closed.
      Your account is debited only when you collect cash at the cashier. Hence in the rare event that the cash point is closed when your arrive to collect the cash, we apologise for the bad experience but your account will not be debited.
    3. The amount that I received is less than what I ordered via soCash app.
      It is expected that you count the cash received from the cashier and highlight if there is a shortfall at the shop counter. If the transaction has been completed but you suspect that you have received less than amount the amount requested, you can raise a dispute with us by emailing us at help@socash.sg. We will investigate with the shop and get back to you with an outcome 3 business days.
    4. I received a fake currency note.
      If you suspect that you have received a fake currency from a participating cashpoint, you are immediately required to lodge a police complaint and deposit the currency note for their investigation at a police station. Please email us at help@socash.sg with the transaction details and a scan copy of the police complaint. On completion of police investigation, if it is proven that the currency note is fake, we will be refund the amount equivalent to your bank account / wallet.
  4. What are the security features of soCash?

    soCash app eliminates the use of debit/ATM card and the pin on an ATM machine. Instead the transaction is performed on your mobile device and the authentication is handled by the bank, which is as secure as a mobile banking transaction of your bank. In addition, the actual exchange of cash and the transaction happens at a location that is chosen by you and at a shop that you are probably familiar.

    1. I value my privacy and security. Does soCash store my bank account information (accounts, card numbers, user id, password, one time passwords)?
      Rest assured that we will never ask you to share for your bank information with you.
      The authentication process happens on the bank platform and we neither have the visibility nor the need to store your bank credentials. We do not store your bank user credentials on our platform.
  5. What is the soCash Guarantee?

    The moment you become an soCash customer, you’ll be automatically covered by this guarantee. In the unlikely event that you are a victim of fraudulent transaction at our cashpoints, we will repay the money taken from your account, subject to our investigation based on available evidence.

    1. The replacement of your money is limited to the amount lost in the fraud and will not exceed the transaction amount.
    2. This guarantee does not cover any other losses, including indirect, consequential or special losses, damages, expenses, legal fees or loss of opportunity.
    3. The guarantee will not apply where the transaction was carried out with your knowledge and consent (including social engineering and phishing), or where you have acted fraudulently, dishonestly or in a criminal manner, alone or with other.
    4. Investigations will begin the moment you inform us that your account has been compromised, and we will get back to you within seven working days.