Why Should We Use SOCASH?


Why Should We Use SOCASH?

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Have you ever heard of SOCASH? This digital cash displacement platform is introducing a new, easier way to withdraw cash in these modern times. Instead of looking for an ATM, now you can visit any nearby businesses that have been transformed into a ‘cashpoint’ to access your money. This way, you can also save time by skipping the long queue that is usually found in the ATMs located in a crowded area such as shopping malls, markets, etc. Intrigued with what this Singaporean-based startup can do? Let’s see how it works and what exactly are the benefits of integrating SOCASH into your daily life here.

How Does SOCASH Work?

SOCASH is transforming shops and stores near you into ‘cashpoints’, which provides banking services just like a normal ATM, but in a more convenient way. If you want to withdraw cash, you only need to enter the required amount in the SOCASH app and you will receive a QR code. Then, all you have to do is go to the nearest cashpoint, scan the QR code at the cashier, and they will give you your money. That’s all there’s to it. No fuss, no card needed, and is totally secure. Learn more about it here.

Why Should We Use SOCASH?

First and foremost, using SOCASH is simple. With a traditional ATM, you might forget your wallet or even lose your card. With SOCASH, you will have a much easier time. As long as you have the app, a good signal, and a cashpoint nearby, it is all set.

Secondly, SOCASH is convenient. No more wasting time waiting in a queue for an ATM or searching for one. The app will provide you with a list of ‘cashpoints’ nearby and saves you the wait, as you can always choose a less crowded cashpoint to pick up your money.

Lastly, using SOCASH rewards you with plenty of deals and promotions. With these deals, you will always get something extra every time you make a withdrawal using SOCASH. These promotions are not going to be there forever, so act fast and get the best deals for you while it is still there. Learn more about our best deals and promotions here.


All in all, SOCASH will be a better alternative for ATM in your daily life. How often do you waste your time searching for an ATM, only to find that it is under maintenance? Not to mention having to wait in the long lines, risk of ATM-related frauds or scams, varying ATM withdrawal rates between banks, and the hassle of carrying cards all the time. By using SOCASH instead, you can avoid all the problems listed above and more with just a simple click & scan. Start using SOCASH now and make your life easier.


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