How to save money with SOCASH


Save money when you withdraw cash with SOCASH. Use signup code BLOG to earn a $6 Reward

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“Money doesn't grow on trees,” which is why saving money is a priority for most working adults. While there are many ways to save money, there’s one small change you can make today to help you save more without cutting back. It’s called SOCASH. Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading to find out what SOCASH is and how you can save more money just by using an app.

Imagine walking into your neighbourhood shop, popping into the cafe next door, or making a pit-stop at the grocery store down the street. We’ve turned them all into ATMs. At SOCASH, we believe that withdrawing cash should be easier and more rewarding. That’s why we let you withdraw cash anywhere, anytime. Just look for the closest cash register. With each transaction, you’ll earn points which turn into Rewards, Deals, and Cashback for greater savings.

So now the question is, what are Rewards? When you withdraw cash with SOCASH, you’ll receive incentives in the form of Cashback or cash savings through Deals from our shops. You can earn Rewards without having to change the way you already withdraw cash. Just find a SOCASH partner shop nearby to withdraw cash. The Rewards and cash savings are guaranteed.

Start maximizing your cash savings: Unlock a $6 Reward when you download SOCASH using signup code BLOG

Here’s how to use SOCASH to save money:
  1. Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw
  2. Choose a shop to pick-up cash
  3. Pick Deals on the Confirmation Page and scan the QR code at the shop to withdraw cash
With every transaction, you’ll earn points to redeem Rewards!

Read our quick tips on how you can maximize cash savings every week with our new Rewards Program.

For those of us always looking for discounts to save money on travel, shopping, entertainment, and more, we also offer Deals. These are Rewards which you can redeem after completing transactions with SOCASH. Everytime you withdraw cash, you’ll be able to unlock Deals from our shops.

Banks use various methods to ensure safety for their customers. For example, most ATMs have PIN pads to prevent PIN numbers from being copied. Security cameras are also placed near ATMs so prevent fraud.

As the saying goes, “Every penny counts.” So take the first step towards saving more money with us. Earn $6 when you download SOCASH today using signup code BLOG. Would an ATM ever reward you for withdrawing cash? We don’t think so. But with SOCASH, everytime you withdraw cash, you’ll earn points which turn into Cashback Rewards & Deals from your favourite brands. Download SOCASH to enjoy greater savings everyday.


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