How to Deal with ATM Attacks and Scams


How to Deal with ATM Attacks and Scams

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There are so many ways a criminal can use to steal your hard-earned cash. ATM attacks and scams are one of the most common methods of stealing that can be found all over the world. Learn the tricks of how to deal with ATM attacks here and protect yourself better.

Pick a Safe Spot

When withdrawing money from an ATM, be sure to pick the ATM spot carefully, especially if you are in a foreign area. First, you should check if the place is well-lit, located in a crowded area, has CCTV or a security guard nearby. Criminals tend to avoid places with those criterias, so you better search for a place that meets most of the above. However, that does not negate the possibility that the ATM has been compromised. The safest bet is to use an ATM that is placed inside a bank or near a bank, since it is less likely to be compromised and always have the most reliable security.

Avoid Going Alone

Criminals usually pick lone targets, as they are far easier to subdue and dominate rather than a group of people. As such, if you must withdraw money from an ATM in a dodgy place, make sure to bring a friend or two with you. That way, they can keep watch on your surroundings while you are completing your transaction. At the very least, they can help to fend off any physical attack from a criminal and call for help.

Check the Machine Before Use

There are many ways a criminal can compromise an ATM security system to their advantage. For instance, they can create a false ATM front (card slots, keypad, money slots, etc.) and rigged it with a device that can copy the data from your card’s magnetic stripe. They can also install a hidden camera somewhere around the ATM so they can view your PIN number or other classified data. One of the most popular methods is a tiny camera just above the keypad, under the handguard so it’s hidden from plain sight. So it is better for you to check the machine thoroughly to avoid any unwanted risks.

Stay Focused

Ever since the invention called smartphones created, people have been known to get so lost in their device that they ignore their surroundings. Any criminals would take advantage of anyone who is distracted enough from their surroundings. Don’t be such people. If you are too distracted with your gadget, never mind the criminals, you might even forget to take the money that you just withdraw from the money slot! That is why you should put away those devices and stay focused, at least until the transaction is complete and you are in a safe area.

Be Discreet

After you make your withdrawal, you better hide your card and money quickly. If it is imperative for you to count the money immediately, then it is better for you to move away to a secluded place. Even if they are not a criminal at heart, people might get tempted to become one if given enough chance. So please, save them from such temptation and yourself from a terrible outcome.


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