How ATM Scammers Took Our Money Unconsciously


How ATM Scammers Took Our Money Unconsciously

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Nowadays, people are shifting towards a cashless society in their daily life. However, we cannot avoid the fact that even though there are many benefits of going cashless, we still need cash wherever we go. As such, ATM is still a primary option for many people when thinking of withdrawing cash. This dependency on ATM services, while helping people with their needs, also creates a chance for scammers to steal our money. There are many ways that a scammer can use, and we will cover some of them in this article.

Scamming With a Fake ATM

We might have seen ATM for years. However, do we know every detail of this machine? Are we able to state clearly how every button looks like, what is the color, where is the money or card slots located? Are we able to recognize if there is any slightest change or difference on the ATM that we use? Most people use ATM without even bothering the details of the machine. This ignorance is actually being capitalized by scammers to steal our money.

Scammers fake the ATM whether to directly steal or money or card. Most of the time, they will add an extra layer to get our money or data. Thus, whenever you use an ATM, it is better to take an extra step to check the machine thoroughly. The common tool used by scammers is a camera to get our PIN, so make sure to check if there is any hidden camera before using the ATM. Another common practice used by criminals is by adding an extra card reader to create a clone of your card or even an extra keypad that can reveal our PIN.

Card Skimming and Trapping

Card skimming is a technique commonly used by scammers after they got your PIN and a clone of your card using a device called skimmer that is placed on the ATM. This device will let them copy the data or information on your card’s magnetic stripe, without you even realizing it. Then, the criminals can do anything they please with your card, such as withdrawing money, making payments, etc.

Another similar technique is card trapping. It is when someone places a special device to mask the card slot on the ATM. That way, when someone inserted their card into the machine, the card will become trapped or stuck. People will not think too much about this because a stuck ATM card is a common thing in an ATM and they would usually just contact the bank for further assistance. However, this technique will let scammers take your card from the device after you leave the machine.

Search For Alternatives

While it is helpful to be aware of the techniques used by scammers, it does not mean that we are fully safe as scammers are getting smarter and new ATM fraud & scam techniques are being developed as we speak. Thus, it is much advisable to look for a new way to withdraw cash without going to the ATM. SOCASH is the perfect solution as an alternative to the ATM, so you don’t have to worry anymore about ATM scammers taking your money unconsciously. Start using SOCASH now and enjoy plenty of rewards and deals every day. Learn more about SOCASH here.


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